SOBTI ™ 100% Handmade Italian Leather Essentials

SOBTI ™ Handmade Italian Leather Essentials for Men and Women; collection of Bags, wallets, smart-phone cases, wrist-watch straps and eye-wear “EXCLUSIVELY MADE FOR YOU’ on orders. All our collections are made using the finest Italian leather bought from tanneries registered with the Italian Vegetable Tanned Leather Consortium, and handmade buckles Made in Italy by Paolo Lapini, are truly an authentic and quality collections of Leather goods Made by Mohinder Pal Singh Sobti

Born in Calcutta, now known as Kolkata in India, Sobti grew up with the rich Indian heritage, and a diversified society with strong religious views towards life and works. Sobti is more a spiritual person, or as said, person of nature. He has read and cherished Osho wisdom, and also took to Osho Sanyas, which has been his self grooming and being in constant harmony with Mother Earth. He’s well traveled and has a passion for arts and crafts which he blends with his fashion style to handcraft some fine Italian leather essentials.

All his crafts are 100% handmade, using the finest Italian leather and accessories. No part of his creations are finished by machines, no wonder, one can see some uneven stitches, and rough finishing. He works with his hands using simple tools such as an awl to make holes in the leather, pair of scissors or blade to cut the leather and waxed thread from Italy and needles using saddle stitching style to stitch the leather. A final touch is made with rubbing sand paper on the edge to give it some even finishing and finally, Italian wax polish to give that last finishing touch.

SOBTI ™ is the first brand to offer a ‘set’ of Italian leather essentials, handmade, from the same leather and style, thus, defining an authentic fashion lifestyle, truly worth Making a Statement.

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