Handmade Leather Bracelet Style Wrist-watch strap


Handmade Leather Bracelet Style Wrist-watch strap with 925 Sterling Silver Buckle
Size: 27 cm (6cm wide at its widest curves)
Buckle: 925 Sterling Silver Buckle
Leather insights: 1.2-1.8mm thick, vegetable tanned leather from Italy

Designed especially for large sized sports watch

We will be glad to provide our bespoke service to craft a wristwatch strap ‘Exclusively For You’ using buckles made of metal or even 925 Sterling Silver / 9 k / 18 k Gold Buckle


Handmade Leather Bracelet Style Wrist-watch Strap with 925 Sterling Silver Buckle
Size 27cm (6cm width at its widest curves)

This model is handmade to craft as a bracelet style wrist-watch strap. Especially designed for sports watch with pin holder size 22mm – 24mm, it can always be exclusively made to fit in as per your watch specifications. Two layers of leather are stitched together, with two loops which are stitched on the leather to hold your wrist-watch. The buckle is stitch on the strap.

This model is made with Italian vegetable tanned leather, sourced from tannery from Italy, using cotton waxed thread from Italy and, handmade 925 Sterling Silver buckle, also handmade in Italy. This bracelet is handmade by hands, meaning no part of the bracelet is made / finished by machine. Thus, giving it a rough and raw finishing look. There may be uneven stitching and natural leather marks. This model is designed to last long and with good care, it may last even a lifetime. No two handmade crafts will ever look alike, because each work of art is exclusively made by hands by artists. Therefore, each strap will have its own unique and authentic look. It might look different from those in the photos attached, and, for sure, it will be something unique and exclusively for you.

We will be glad to provide our bespoke service to craft a wristwatch strap ‘Exclusively For You’. Please email us to know all about our bespoke services. We can also stamp your name / initials on the strap. We can also craft with a buckle with 9k and or 18k gold.

1. We, Handmade Leather Boutique are a team of artists & designers, based in Europe, working from our home studios, and, sourcing all our raw materials only from European companies. All our products are Handmade in Europe. We are not mass producers, therefore, each of our crafts are unique and individually made.
2. Orders are processed within 24 hours of receiving the payments to our banks and, often despatched the same or the following day. When we do not have an item in ready stock, we will let you know and in such situations, we will need around 2-3 business days to prepare your order.
3. Goods once sold, will not be returned and or exchanged, unless, we made an error. Of course, if its all our fault, we shall be happy to work out our best solution in your favour. Please check our ORDERS & DELIVERIES page for more details on this.
4. For Our BESPOKE services, please email us at: boutique@hagardhs.com and, we shall be glad to follow up with you in 1-2 business days.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 45 × 20 × 10 cm


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