Return’s Policy

HandmadeLeather.Boutique is an eShop from Hagardhs B.V. a private limited company registered with The Chamber of Commerce in The Netherlands. We operate simple, from our studio in Amsterdam in The Netherlands, with a studio close to Warsaw, in Poland, thus, keeping our costs low. We work with very low margins, thus, able to provide you with very competitive prices. This is one reason, we do not accept returns and or make an exchange offer. Remember, often airlines and hotels offer discounted prices with no-refund and no-cancelation policies? Well, we are trying to use a similar strategy, so that, You can enjoy some of ‘Our Finest Creations’ in affordable prices. And moreover, ALL or most of Our Creations are handmade by Artists & Designers, as exclusively made for you, or limited editions, therefore, each of our creations are true works of arts by our artists and designers, hence, lets come together to support their creations and some of the finest authentic and quality goods, to cherish forever. 

However, only in an event if we ship wrong orders to you, You may return any unworn, undamaged merchandise purchased online from Our HandmadeLeather.Boutique within 3 days (no exceptions) of delivery for a full exchange. Items will be inspected upon receiving at our service centre and if we find it was worn / used or has scratches from wearing or miss-handling or any such signs and symptoms, we may either refuse to accept it under our exchange policy or might charge you an amount to cover the costs of repairs / refurbishment. Our stores DO NOT sell and or trade used / refurbished items, therefore, in such matters, we really have to be precise with you. Merchandise purchased online may also be returned for an EXCHANGE at any of our corporate and or retail store. If returned by mail, you may need to pay for return shipping, and we may adjust those costs in our exchange offer and we may ship any exchanged item free of charge. Shipping & handling fees are usually non-refundable.

Items must be returned in their original packaging, including invoice, or any packing, and or stickers and or documents which came along with it, and all accessories, extra links, and anything else that came with the item.

In other words; if you decide to buy what you want and you receive what you had ordered and then you want to return, we are sorry this might not happen. And, if you ordered what you want and we sent something wrongly, sit back and enjoy your drink, just let us know and, we will sort out every thing for you, without causing you any worries. We will go further, to offer you our respect and gratitude by offering you a special surprise too! Because, if its our fault, it is our responsibility to solve it too! 

In simple words; if we made an error, you sit back and relax and we will sort it for you and that too very well in your favour. And if our shipping company made an error, then too you sit back and relax and we will sort it out for you. 

Please email us at; mentioning your full name and order number and the reason why you want to exchange, along with the photos where necessary, and provide us with your contact number and allow us 1-2 business days to get back to you. We will surely work out a solution for you.

Remember; if we made an error, you sit back and relax and we will sort it for you and that too very well in your favour. And if our shipping company made an error, then too you sit back and relax and we will sort it out for you. 

We value you, We respect you and We want you to pride with your decision to shop with us, with our HandmadeLeather.Boutique 

When you buy from us, especially your Handmade Leather will come with a warranty detailed in your order confirmation. All leather sold by us are guaranteed to be original, new and authentic sourced from their principle companies. Primarily we work with Italian Vegetable Tanned Leather, sourced from Tanneries who are registered with the Italian Vegetable Tanned Leather Consortium. Thereafter, we might source leather from authorised and registered firms and or tanneries ONLY in the European Union. And all these are detailed in our offers. 

Leather life: 
Leather items from our collections: The life of your leather goods from our collection depends absolutely upon how you use and care for. For some, leather products last for several years, maybe even a life time, whereas, for few, these might get worn out in few years (happens especially in very high humid climates especially with leather straps for watches). We request you to care for your leather goods, after all, you’ve invested in them. 

Leather Care: 
Clean the surface with a most cloth and let it dry. Then use any neutral cream polish from a renowned brand to polish the surface. First use rub the polish with a cloth and then let the polish dry thereafter, use a different cloth to run over the leather surface again. Depending upon the polish you use, the leather will either get it’s shine or get a matt finished look. You can also use special leather oils to rub on the leather surface. Some oils give antique vintage look to the patinas. The more you polish / oil the leather, the longer it lasts. 

The kinds of buckles we use are detailed on our offers. Most of our buckles are handmade by Artists and Designers in European Union, therefore, these stand strong with the EU quality standards. Usually, we use handmade metal buckles, which often have a vintage brass look. Upon special orders, we also use Sterling Silver 925 handmade buckles, or 9k yellow or rose Gold buckles and we have also worked with 18k yellow and rose Gold buckles. These buckles last long and during our tenure since the last 4 years as of (April 2021), we have never had anyone complaining about any damaged buckles, yet. We might source some buckles Made in Italy in the future from a bulk manufacturer, the warranty and guaranty of those will be as per their principle manufacturers. 

And finally, for any questions and or concerns and or feedbacks and suggestions, please get in touch with us;

Handmade Leather Boutique
Hagardhs B.V.
e-mail: (9 am till 9 pm)
Phone (UTC +1 Amsterdam Time Zone) +31 20 894 3282 (9 am till 11am)
Mobile / Viber / Google Duo / WhatsApp +31 639 074 412 (9am till 9pm)

Updated 15 April 2021