Unisex Bracelets

Unisex Bracelets

Available in 10 Colours
Available sizes
Length: 21cm, 19 cm, 17cm, 15cm.
Width around 2cm.
Thickness around 2 mm.

‘Exclusively Made For You’

Handmade Italian Leather Unisex Bracelets, made from vegetable tanned leather sourced from tanneries registered with The Italian Vegetable Tanned Leather Consortium and brass push-in loop sourced from registered traders in EU.

These bracelets are made using one long strip of the leather around 2 cm broad and around 21cm / 19cm / 17cm and 15cm in length. The leather is around 2 mm thick. It has one push-in loop which holds the bracelet as a lock. These are unisex bracelets.

You are welcome to place an order, exclusively made for you. Should you want, we can also write a quote of yours on the bracelet, using English alphabets only, and these are hammered on the leather.

These handmade leather bracelets are made by artists, Elena Sousa and Joanna Singh.

You are welcome to place an order for a unisex bracelet ‘exclusively made for you’

We have a collection of 10 different colours and 4 sizes; 21cm, 19cm, 17cm, 15cm. Please mention the colour and size of the bracelet in your order. We will reply to confirm your order along with the average estimate time to prepare your order and delivery. Our email address is: hagardhs@hagardhs.com Our prices include 21% VAT and FREE Shipping in European Union States. For deliveries outside the EU, we shall charge you separately for the shipping costs.


You may also send us a message using our contacts section:

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