Unisex Bag

Spring 2022 Collections  Style: MPSS-119-2Size: around 22cm x 16cm “Exclusively Made For You” Handmade Italian leather ‘Unisex Handbag’. Made from semi-soft leather. This bag is made from the finest Italian leather, sourced from tanneries who are members with the Italian Leather Consortium and has only one section on the inside, meaning, one large pocket, whichContinue reading “Unisex Bag”

Handbag For Women

HANDBAG FOR WOMEN – STYLE: MPSS-102 FALL 2016 Collections Style: MPSS-102Size: 26cm x 22cm x 12cm Strap: 75cmAvailable in 10 different colours ‘Exclusively Made For You’ Handmade Italian leather, ‘casual handbag’ for Women. Made from soft leather sourced from tanneries registered with the Italian Vegetable tanned leather consortium. This bag has one large section, meaning, justContinue reading “Handbag For Women”